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NASCAR racing

With 13 Divisions, each week NASCAR racing delivers entertainment to millions of racing fans from one side of North America to the other. Our goal at Active is to bring you information and access to some of the most exciting fun NASCAR racing has to offer. We have a collection of multimedia and good old fashioned text that summarizes the NASCAR experience. So whether your interested in finding out more about your favorite NASCAR racing driver, or you want to grab a screensaver or desktop theme to spice up your computer's environment, or even watch some video clips of classic NASCAR moments, Active NASCAR has something for you.

We also bring you information on the Winston Cup racing series, updates on the Busch Grand National series and Craftsman Truck series, not to mention tons of wallpaper and other multimedia, a breakdown of NASCAR racing terminology, and links to some of the most entertaining and informative racing sites on the Internet.

The Winston Cup series is the premier circuit in stock-car racing, featuring cars that produce about 750 horsepower and can reach speeds in excess of 200 MPH on some tracks. These impressive numbers pale in comparison to the impressive skills required to whip such a car around the racetrack at hundreds of miles and hour, with grace and courage. NASCAR drivers are simply some of the most outstanding athletes on the planet, and we honor them with biographies of some of your favorites.

The Busch Series features cars that weigh slightly less than their NASCAR Winston Cup Series counterparts and produce about 200 less horsepower. Some Busch Series drivers compete just on their circuit, but others drive in the Winston Cup Series as well.

One of the greatest grassroots features of NASCAR racing, founded in 1995, is the Craftsman Truck Series, featuring pickup trucks that produce about 710 horsepower and reach about 190 mph. Sometimes this circuit is used as a stepping stone, but other drivers make a professional home on the there.